Road to Salvation

After being bitten by a zombie, you learn that you are immune. It is now your moral responsibility to reach the vaccine research facility down on the east coast, Salvation. On the road to Salvation, you will struggle to balance with avoiding the dangers of the zombie apocalypse while scavenging for enough resources to keep you alive long enough to save the world.
Road to Salvation is a 2D top down arcade style shooter that relies on rapid 
thinking in order to outrun hundreds of infected within close quarter urban environments.

The concept of this game is one I had held in my mind for a long time. Once it came time to start my senior project at KSU, I had deemed it time to try and see how far I could get shooting for the stars on my own. I quickly learned its better to work in a team. Nevertheless, I am still proud about this small game, which is maybe a 1% prototype of my full vision.

Due to the fact that this game was developed almost entirely by me, it ended up being a lot of firsts. In preparation for this game, I purchased Aseprite and got to work learning to do simple, yet (hopefully) stylish animations and tile maps that would allow me to design my own unique worlds. One of the most memorable moments when developing this game was producing the sound of the zombies by sampling my infant niece crying and lowering its pitch.

The other contributors were my brothers Ian and Lorne, who helped with the quests and dialogue. Brandon and Chase were classmates at KSU who provided the soundtrack and title graphic, respectively.

Download Available:

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