Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift is a multiplayer VR game where you fly through a city using grappling hooks, jetpacks, wings, and other innovative locomotions. The game features hand-crafted maps for the players to swing around and fly through, emphasizing the unique variety of gameplay mechanics. The game types emulate competitive sports, such as Tag, Capture the Flag and Racing. We aim to create a new and engaging experience that will keep players coming back to play with their friends.

This project started as an idea between my colleague Ben and I, who were interested in pursuing exciting ways for VR players to move around a virtual space. Our first version of the game where you could swing and jetpack around a basic city map was so exhilarating, we knew that this was a game worth pursuing. Although we had no experience in it at the time, we made the determination to build this into a multiplayer game so that we could compete with our friends online.

I began working on the multiplayer component of the game using Photon in order to allow players to compete against each other and be able to interact with each other in VR. Ben pursued developing the levels and creating engaging designs that highlight the strengths of our unique locomotion mechanics. We eventually brought on additional classmates, Jacob to help us with User Interface, and Connor who led our QA testing.

Today, we have active Alpha testing held weekly within our community’s discord channel (linked below). Our main game mode is freeze tag, where two teams face off 5 v 5 and try to catch and eliminate the other side. Teammates can untag each other to get them back in the game, making this a fun, team-driven competitive experience.

Join our Discord for Alpha updates:

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