Vertical Shift

Vertical Shift is a multiplayer VR game where you fly through a city using grappling hooks, jetpacks, wings, and other innovative locomotions. The game features hand-crafted maps for the players to swing around and fly through, emphasizing the unique variety of gameplay mechanics. The game types emulate competitive sports, such as Tag, Infection, and Racing. … More Vertical Shift

Road to Salvation

After being bitten by a zombie, you learn that you are immune. It is now your moral responsibility to reach the vaccine research facility down on the east coast, Salvation. On the road to Salvation, you will struggle to balance with avoiding the dangers of the zombie apocalypse while scavenging for enough resources to keep you alive long … More Road to Salvation

Mission: Implausible

In this original take on asymmetric, hide-and-seek VR, face off against your friends to outwit each other in a classic Spy vs. Spy scenario. As the VR player, cover the rooftops and hunt down the agent. Teleport from point to point to search the area. Use your bow and arrow to take out suspicious civilians. Don’t … More Mission: Implausible

Danger Will Robotson

Danger Will Robotson is an education-based puzzle game that teaches the player to think like a programmer. In an effort to save a mars rover, the player must learn how to relay commands that will guide them around dangerous terrain. This game’s mechanics, User Interface, and sprite art were developed entirely by me. I received … More Danger Will Robotson

Motion Blur

KSU GDDC Game Jam 2018 Submission Motion Blur is a first person puzzle game where the player is held captive in a maze and forced to solve puzzles in order to find their way outside the dungeon. All the while, the player is suffering from a concussion that blurs their vision if they continue moving … More Motion Blur