Motion Blur

KSU GDDC Game Jam 2018 Submission

Motion Blur is a first person puzzle game where the player is held captive in a maze and forced to solve puzzles in order to find their way outside the dungeon. All the while, the player is suffering from a concussion that blurs their vision if they continue moving for extended periods of time. Don’t wait too long though, for your captor is tracking you down and trying to kill you…

This game was built in 48 hours as a game jam conducted by our university. While I’m usually more involved in the programming side of development, this game was my first real experience focused on design and team management rather than trying to do everything myself. This weekend has forever cemented me as their person who uses salsa and queso as moral support. All of the team members from this project ended up working on Vertical Shift.

Download Available:

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