Pre-Production: The Issue with Timelines

At face value, production timelines seem relatively simple. You start with an idea and create a proof of concept or vertical slice. Once an investor greenlights your prototype, you have funding to flesh out a complete alpha. Then, with lots of testing, bug fixing, and polishing, you complete a beta. There’s only one problem with … More Pre-Production: The Issue with Timelines

Improved Marketing Engagement via Domain-Specific Sentiment Analysis

Mission Does positive sentiment lead to improved engagement? This is the theory we wanted to test while I was working with Digital Yalo, a marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA. Utilizing open-source Natural Language Processing algorithms, we wanted to analyze thousands of social media posts to understand the correlation between the positivity of an author’s … More Improved Marketing Engagement via Domain-Specific Sentiment Analysis

VR Design Review

Mission One of my earliest contracts was with an aeronautics engineering firm. While this business was small, they worked closely with prominent manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and SpaceX. One of the issues the firm faced was the design reviews between them and their clients.  No matter how much time, thought, and effort they put … More VR Design Review


Blue Sky Thinking “Blue sky thinking” refers to activities we can use to come up with ideas, seemingly from nowhere and without limits. Blue sky thinking can involve spontaneous and improvisational thought or speech, or it can be more structured and methodical. It’s about getting away from the known, and the familiar and into a … More Brainstorming