Mission: Implausible

In this original take on asymmetric, hide-and-seek VR, face off against your friends to outwit each other in a classic Spy vs. Spy scenario.

As the VR player, cover the rooftops and hunt down the agent. Teleport from point to point to search the area. Use your bow and arrow to take out suspicious civilians. Don’t let the agent complete their objective.

As the PC player, blend into the crowd as you attempt to pick up intelligence and deliver them at drop off sites. Use special abilities to prevent the Seeker from catching you. Complete the objective before time runs out.

Upon buying my Oculus Rift, I knew I had to jump immediately into developing for it, so my roommate at the time, Jacob, and I got to work putting together a fun and simple party game that we could use to entertain the rest of our campus.

This game was completed in our free time after about a week of learning, working, and testing. Jacob polished all of the mechanics with intuitive UI and particles, while I had set up the initial VR components, player controllers, and the crowd behavior.

Download Available: https://wasd-productions.itch.io/mission-implausible

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